Chapter 23: The Frozen Earth

David and crew journey from the milky discomfort of the Kore Forest to the frigid plains of the tundra. David’s suspicions about Charlie’s changing size is confirmed, and they meet yet another couple new faces.

I’ll remove the pop reference (seeing as how it only really makes sense to me and my PBS-centered childhood from the 80’s), but I enjoy this introductory chapter to Bear and Thor.

As a writer, it’s funny what you choose to name your characters. They can be as complicated as “Calemadestes” and as simple as indicating exactly what your talking to — in this chapter’s case: “Bear”. But, at least for this story’s case, I am hoping it will become clear eventually why everyone is named the way they are.

As an aside: my brain wrote/reads Thor’s quips in a British accent. I can’t speak a British accent AT ALL, and I have no idea how I’ve written it — I suspect very badly. My exposure to that brand of english is limited to an occasional Monty Python episode and an interview with Dr. House I saw 6 months ago. I don’t think anyone else reads it that way, but it entertains myself to no end. I love that little guy.

And a short warning: I’m getting married in 8 days (I’ll just pause there while the panic sets in for a moment… okay, I’m alright). I’m still going to try and post here on Monday, but I forecast tardiness. It’s Friday and I’m just now getting my thoughts up on the current chapter that was released Monday. The actual site that holds the chapters is up and ready to go for three weeks, but this may get pushed to the wayside. It may be Friday next week before I post again is all.