Chapter 21: The Soaring White

David and company are forced to camp out in some very unfavorable conditions. When sleep finally does come, it sends him into the mind of the enemy to rediscover a horrible fact… one that could very well solidify David’s path in this world.

My fiance finally got around to finishing up the novel last week, and gave me some very interesting feedback. Seeing as how fantasy is not his genre of choice, his take was overall very favorable. He indicated some things that I’ve kind of suspected all along, which isn’t surprising, but it was still positive for somebody that has a really hard time accepting talking animals as actual characters.

Surprisingly, he loved the scene that is currently playing out in the forest. He went on and on about the foggy forest, and how he could really feel himself there. That’s a really nice thing to hear, especially when the critical eye rejects many of the characters on the basis you can’t have a tail and a voicebox, and really, “Calemadestes is not a real name“. Regardless, I love the feedback.