Podcamp Meet Up

I usually save this blog for creative stuff, but… well, I guess this does apply. This thing is supposed to be about creativity, and an important part of that is tools.

My usual tool box contains my keyboard, a mouse, a pencil, maybe a paintbrush. Oftentimes, I forget that community is also vital part of those resources.

Every month, the organizers of Pittsburgh’s Podcamp arrange a meet-up to discuss Podcamp. It’s a great collection of people, whether they attended last year’s Podcamp or are interested in the one coming up in August. It seems each month the gatherings get bigger, and I always meet someone I’ve never spoken to before.

What’s really nice is the excitement that everyone has, both for new media and Pittsburgh as a city. It’s refreshing to be in a room with a big group of people that don’t regard Pittsburgh as the industrial, smoky city that we’ve been told it is since the Steel Days. I had to leave this one early, and left feeling decidedly unsatiated. There’s so many opportunities here, in Pittsburgh, and on the web.

My mind is swirling with ideas… and when you do something in any kind of creative field, it’s the ideas that are the most valuable thing in your toolbox. The other tools just shape that idea into something tangible.