Chapter 20: Haunting the Wood

David and company part ways from the circus as both move on, and a new companion joins their ranks. David has time to mull over Calemadestes’ words regarding his situation, even if her answers create more questions, and they find themselves in the mysterious milky growth that is the Kore Wood.

I don’ t watch a lot of television, but there are a couple shows that I really enjoy. Both are on Monday nights and, ironically, pitted against one another in the same time slot.

The first is Fox’s 24. This show has held my interest longer than any other series on television. It centers around one main character — Jack Bauer, a member of the US’s Counter Terrorist Unit — and a revolving door of supporting characters. Each season is heart-stopping drama and blowing stuff up, and I am continually impressed with what they do in the varying shades of world-domination/destruction. And, as always, Jack is in there somewhere — delivering some amount of inhuman sacrifice for his country and always being right when the president doesn’t know what to do. Jack is such an incredible character.

The second show is NBC’s Heroes. I love it when things have a sci-fi twist anyway, and this has just the right amount of impending doom thrown in. The ensemble cast (and accompanying powers) play off one another flawlessly, and the whole thing believably pulled off in the real world makes for superb story-telling.

That’s what’s engaged me with both of these series, beyond the bad mamma-jamma that is Jack Bauer (seriously, the guy’s technically died three times and tortured a president and not broken my cognative dream once); it’s the thing that caught my attention above the far-fetched abilities of the people in Heroes. It’s how the characters interact with other people, environments and situations: that’s the story.

The season finale of Heroes especially has me considering things to do with tSoD2, and it’s got more to do with the people and their fantastic characteristics than their crazy-cool powers.
They’re so human… I am so impressed with their vulnerabilities and flaws. Even Jack Bauer, with all the greater good he does on 24– he’s still a broken, busted man because of everything he’s been through.

I love making up characters, but I’m not good at inventing flaws; much in part because I like to believe everybody is mostly good inside. That will be a good challenge for my next writing escapade: inventing characters with downright weaknesses and terrible vulnerabilities. The most basic form of character sketches are happening now in my brain… more soon, more soon.