Chapter 18: Attack!

The circus — and David’s new found friends — are ambushed. There are more Rakers and nasty Crows than David has had to deal with outside of his dreams, and the scene at the stream quickly descends into a full blown nightmare. This chapter was the first real action scene in David, when you count all the people and bad guys, and I had a BLAST. I was listening to the last 5 tracks from the Narnia soundtrack during the actual fighting scene (which is the final battle in the movie). And seriously, Charlie is one kick-butt birdcage.

I’ve been on a kind of quest for personal branding lately. My experience with branding comes with my job in advertising, but in my opinion that is an entirely different game for tSoD, especially since my workplace keeps me in the visual realm of branding (logos, colors, etc). But with bootcamp having come and gone, and Podcamp coming again in the fall, the social networking stuff really gets to be inspiring. And I think it can be a vital aspect to making what you do a success. For instance, Chris Brogan (social media butterfly and general Cool Dude) recently gave a fantastic post on personal branding on his blog. Between the post and the resulting comments, there is a lot of good stuff there, so give it a glance.

My personal challenge: I stink at talking to people. I can chat online like nobody’s business if we’ve met before, but I still have problems talking on the phone with friends I’ve known for years. So speaking to strangers is kind-of-sort-of well-maybe-really-intimidating.

Is it an excuse? Yes. Is it lame? Oh definitely, especially because the people I meet at the functions I do attend are so darn nice it’s hard to imagine why I get nervous and run out of intelligent words to say. But no one knows what you’re doing unless you tell them. End of story.

So go tell someone, I’m trying my hardest to do the same.