Doughnuts and Art

Doughnuts & Art at the Creative Treehouse was a fantastic time. The total tally of attendees was something around 130, and I got some nice feedback on my work. There was a lot of really great work being shown, and a very wide variety available for hungry eyes. The only shadow of the evening was that 2 out of 3 bands cancelled, but an attendee approached one of the organizers and asked to play.

“Sure, what do you play?”

“The ukulele.”

And it was AMAZING. There was also a tamborine and some spoons. I don’t know what the bands that were supposed to be there sounded like, but man this guy was awesome. It added a whole new dimension to the show.

We also wandered down to 517521, a fantastic vintage everything store, and then down to Affogato for some (aka too much) wine and the most glorious peanut butter oatmeal cookie ever taken from an oven. An Amptique dance party finished the night (note to self: it is very hard to dance in galoshes) and we were homeward bound.

Plans are to repeat the whole thing in August, which should be fun. I think that will also be the month for the next 24-hour Creative Marathon and Pgh Podcamp2, so it will be a creative and productive summer!