Doughnuts and Art

It’s short notice, but I should mention that I’m part of an art show/concert/dance party tonight. I’m showcasing four vector pieces that I did as studies for a book I illustrated for my mom. The book was for a Christmas present for my neice, and the sketches were never used in the actual story, although one of the monsters sort of made it in. I’ve got another piece that I might showcase if I can get it set up, since I had a little extra room on my wall, but I have a flat tire so I don’t know if I’ll make it out before the show starts.

I got to see some of the artists’ work last night at set up, and there is some really quality stuff. If I had the money I’d probably buy an awesome painting someone did of a crow… I think it was called “Tribute to Mercutio” or something like that — I’ll be lusting after it all night, I’m sure. If you’ve read any of David (Caw!), the reason is obvious. Evil, evil birds.

It’s funny — when I left the gallery last night I was the only one showing digital art, and I was having a hard time feeling like an artist with all the wonderful traditional media everywhere. But I got to thinking about it, and art is like writing: it’s there to tell a story and/or evoke emotion or thought, even if it’s solely in the artist. My stuff is usually considered ‘cute’ or ‘whimsy’… and I’m okay with that. If my silly-looking monsters make anybody smile tonight, I’ll be ecstatic.

And actually, I know at least one person enjoyed them — I sold one of the framed prints at the set up last night. yay!