Chapter 15: The Welcome Wagon

After the rough creepiness of the Red City, the circus is (and was, to write) a wonderful breath of fresh air. We go from the terror and oppressive red glare to the energy, bright colors, and strange characters of a circus.

Secondary characters are awesome. When the spotlight isn’t focused on a character, you can have so much fun building a personality and underlying history for each of them. When Josh was reading this section he would speak of Holder or Tanece or Jameela and I would cry “They’re my favorite!” after each and every one of them. You can polarize a secondary without it seeming over the top, and I think that can help to push/contrast/compliment your main characters.

Back in the summer I volunteered at/attended Podcamp Pittsburgh, which was an UnConference discussing new media. This spring they are doing what’s been deemed Bootcamp, as a way for individuals and small businesses to become acquainted with those new media tools — blogging, video, podcasting, etc. If you fall into one of these categories, or would just generally like to check it out, stop by the Art Institue of Pittsburgh on 4/21. Festivities begin at 9 am and run to 4:30.

This time around I’m part of a panel in two sessions regarding “Branding”. Come and learn about the magic of logos and identity!