Chapter 14: Giant Killer

The tides can turn, and thank goodness. The Red City gives way to a lighter environment, at least for a while. The upside to this scene was listening to the Batman: Begins soundtrack over and over again. Mmm, so good.

My life is pretty consumed with wedding planning at the moment, so writing related things have been brief. I have, however, been nibbling at Rachel Vater’s “The Agents Directory” as I commute to and from work everyday. It’s an easy read and very informative, and makes the entire obstacle of finding an agent relatively approachable.

I say relatively because I’ve been doing research online about my different options in sharing tSoD.

I can keep doing what I am doing, and simply keep the story up in it’s entirety at the close of 2007. There are many authors that do this all over the internet, with stories of varying length and quality. Fortunately — or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it — many of those posting their tales for free fall under the same genre umbrella as tSoD does: Young adult fantasy. Which means we’re all gunning for the same readership.

I can try to get an agent, who would then pursue the routes of getting the story published. My brain can’t really grasp the plausibility of this option, and keeps swinging back and forth between “possible” and “way impossible”. The attempt is certainly possible, but not until after June. Then I’ll be relatively project free (except for David’s sequel), and can play detective on what agents would be appropriate and somewhat conceivable to send the ever-frightening query letter to.

The third option is self-publishing, which could be done in both physical paperback books and as eBooks for download and purchase. The only way for this to be successful (and I’m measuring success by units distributed, not money made) would be for me to market the thing like crazy. And I think I’ve already established that press and representation for David is not a strong suit for me…