Personal PR

Okay, I need to find a better way to present myself.

For instance: I had a perfectly wonderful evening playing scrabble. One of my opponents was a friend’s mom, and we had a great time in the game. Afterwards, we had a little small talk as the coffee shop closed up, and she spotted the book I’m reading, The Agent’s Directory.

“Who’s the writer?”

In response, I wilted like a little embarassed flower and said something along the lines of “oh, well, that’d be me.”

I actually do consider myself a writer, under the right conditions and with a tiny little pep talk ahead of time. I know, I know — I write, so therefore I am a writer; but to me it’s kind of pretentious to go around calling yourself a writer when you’ve never had anything published. Other people can do it, but it’s hard for me to wrap my considerations around. Saying “I’m a writer” with humility is better than saying it with snottiness, as far as I can tell — and since I’m petrified of coming across as stuck up about a story only 20 people have seen… I’ll take a little bashfulness.

That particular dwarf doesn’t do squat to instill any interest/confidence when I talk to someone in person, though.

I don’t market David at all at the moment, although I plan to pick it up once the site is 100% complete and the story gets some real meat in it. Whether I pimp it or not, however, I should still have answers to the most common questions I get asked in person so I don’t sound like a bumbling silly-head. I think preparing some boilerplate answers might be just what I need, at least so I sound confident about my ‘product’.

I am a writer!