Chapter Twelve: Terror is a Hundred Feet High

…and we begin to make our way from the Red City, somehow. I like Susan’s character a lot; the idea of someone being made of cloth and only being firm when they are courageous is something I think everyone can identify with. I know I feel shaky and wilted when I’m afraid. And Susan’s afraid a lot.

Josh and I finally completed our sketch blog challenge. Many good things came from the whole experience. I’ve wanted to draw on a more regular basis for a while, and this was a good opporunity to get down to it. Contributing every day meant that some of the sketches were better than others, but it also meant that each piece didn’t have to be a masterpiece, either.

I used to draw a lot, but the habit fell away as life got busier. The need to create is always there… hence the occasional artwork I do in connection with David. Unfortunately, when you don’t do artwork frequently the quality drops — then you get discouraged because your work isn’t as good as it once was… and then you do it even less.

The sketchblog was a nice way to just DO IT, as opposed to being afraid about whether each thing will turn out fantastic. Indeed, some of them were downright bad; but there was the opportunity for redemption the next day and the day after that… and that took some of the pressure off.