Sketch 14: Rescue Me


I was trying to draw a portrait for my last sketch in this sketch challenge, but it wasn’t working; and you can’t present someone with a pic you drew of them if it isn’t at least half decent.

I was watching our local news and saw a story about two people picked up in the Gulf of Mexico after falling from a cruise ship. That was frightening enough (they were successfully rescued, fyi) but then the news station showed a national spot on what to do if you are ever lost at sea. While the information was valuable enough, their presentation and dialogue was a RIOT, and the number of puns in the story removed any dramatic effect from the danger of the situation. Which means, dear reader, that sometimes it apparently doesn’t have to be amazing, groundbreaking or clever… it just is what it is. So my last day of sketching is an homage to that newscast: over simplified, over dramatized and sarcastic.