Chapter Eleven: Hanging Prisoner

Here, quickly! Before anyone notices I’ve disrupted our Sketch-Off… Chapter Eleven!

The city offers enough mystery in endless towers, countless bridges, and giant centipedes, but something even stranger resides in the city’s center. But more on her next week; no sense on explaining prematurely.

I was able to see 300 over the weekend, and I thought it was AWESOME. It was the most fun I’ve had at a movie in years. It was visually spectacular, the creatures/characters were fantastic, the sound editing was phenominal and the acting was effective.

If David were ever made into a movie (and that’s the way it’s been in my head all along anyhow), I envision it very much in the style of 300 — muted colors, wonderfully delicious slow-mos, a pounding soundtrack, and bodacious creatures. Of course, that’s really easy for me to say since I’ve seen the movie and it rocked my socks off… and I would of course want to strive for David to have the same (or similar) effect.

I also happen to be a soundtrack girl; it’s the only music I can write to, and appropriate since I like things to feel epic-y. My old faithfuls for SoD were: LoTR 1 & 2, Batman Begins, Narnia, Blade, Last of the Mohicans… The soundtrack to 300 sounded amazing, which is good timing — I started the prologue to David’s sequel earlier last week and will need some fresh material for this round. (Sh! don’t tell anyone.)