Sketch Nine: The Tasting


Josh and I attended a tasting for our wedding today. It was a little overwhelming. I pushed for a caterer because I didn’t want to have to worry about food stuff on the day of the party, and we picked a company in Pittsburgh called Yes We Cater on a passionate referral. We’re pretty laid back in general, and we picked our facility based on the fact that it had a playground and room for volleyball and horseshoes; so when we sat down to discuss the menu a few months ago it was hamburgers and hotdogs, and we were very excited about it.

It’s still hamburgers and hotdogs… but it’s also so much more. I had wanted something a tiny step up from just regular picnic fare (since it IS a celebration) and boy did we get it. Josh and I both were super pleased with the spread the caterer provided, and completely overwhelmed when the food JUST KEPT COMING. Do not mistake the expressions above for any kind of negativity — every single morsel was AMAZING — we’re just shocked at what all they prepared. YUM!