Creative Marathon Piece

Technically, this post doesn’t have squat to do with The Sum of David, but the marathon was a focus of my time and energy over the last six weeks, so it gets to squeeze itself in alongside my tSoD stuff. I think I’m an artist before I’m a writer, so here’s my attempt to legitamize that theory.

Ta daa! I’d say this took me a good 12 hours of the 24, with the other hours filled in with planning, eating, consuming energy drinks and/or coffee, socializing, sleeping, waiting for the paint to dry, and helping to set up for the event and show. Almost all the pieces were centered around “treehouse”, and I was pleasantly surprised at all the different interpretations of that theme. It was LOTS of fun. I couldn’t do it every weekend (I’m still recovering) but it was well worth the time and effort. Hopefully everyone that participated thinks so too.

…and I don’t know what those are at the bottom: worms? slugs? stumpy snakes? I really couldn’t tell you.