Chapter Seven: The Wishing Well

We’re almost done with the desert, I promise. We get to watch David muse a little about his destination – what it is and what it means. Unfortunately, he finds he’s not alone shortly after arriving. …and he’s met this kind before.

I’m participating in Pittsburgh’s Creative Marathon this week. The boys at Creative Treehouse (to open officially in March) are throwing a 24-hour get-together-and-create party.

Starting on Friday night at 8 pm, people are encouraged to show up with supplies, stake out a place in their enormous second floor room in Bellevue and dig into their creative expression of choice. Work all the through the night (with the help of sponsors Burn and Vocelli’s Pizza) and into the next day. At 8 pm on Saturday night, there’ll be a gallery showcasing all the work made in the previous 24 hours, along with appetizers and music.

The theme is “Treehouse” if you need the inspiration, and all pieces sold at the gallery are split 50/50 with the house. As I understand it, the only stipulation is that art needs to be 12” x 12” in size. Outside of that, you rock your own stuff.

I think I’ll spend most of the time doing acrylics, but I’m also toying with a few differently themed pieces, a painting/written word piece, and possibly a little sculpting. My original goal had been to use the event as a good excuse for doing David artwork, but since I’m working on a much larger scale for that stuff I’ve decided to unplug for the event. Since Josh and I are also having a gallery at our wedding in June, we also need to make pieces for that… or, if anyone at the show next Saturday wants to buy any of the pieces, that is even better.

Treehouse will soon be a great resource for work/studio/meeting space, networking, and, my personal favorite: educating the public on the importance of professional art/design work and why they want to pay for it. As a graphic designer, that in particular is right up my alley.

Come join the artfest on Friday night or Saturday, or stop down on Saturday night to see what sleep deprivation plus art plus music makes… See you there!