Chapter Six: Take It Down

At first glance, the desert can seem boring and dull — I hope that’s not what the reader walks away with, however. Not an action chapter at all, but a significant(?) glance into David’s mind and — even though he can’t recall them — memories. Maybe. There’s some recognition there.

After the action and dialogue of the last two chapters, it seems very slow to leave David alone in silence, but sometimes we just need to be alone with ourselves, eh? A desert is perfect for that: the beige repetition of endless dunes, the sound of whispering wind and grainy footsteps. I think you’d have to look inward to find any variation, even for someone that’s operating at full capacity, which D obviously is not.

I have been told I am good at dialogue (don’t all moms find something?), so what do I do? I have a chapter (or two, or five) without it. I do love writing people speaking, but I also love introspective mental wanderings, especially when that person is trying to process what David is. I myself am not a crazy social butterfly, so I spent a good part of my adolescence entertaining myself inside my own head. Writing someone else doing that is refreshing… and I daresay he’s had more happen to him, so that exploration should prove much more exciting than my own adventures.

My intentions to update this blog every Monday have proven pretty weak. I’m rededicating myself to it, but we’ll have to see. I may move the whole thing to a Chapter on Mon/Blog on Thurs kind of thing. My weekends are quickly filling to the brim by the Wed before, so we’ll see. Last Sunday night I sat up in bed before falling off to sleep with the realization I had forgotten to post the chapter. oops.