Chapter Four: Put Onto the Path

Mmmm… a little exercise in multiple personalities. This was a another fun scene to write. The Guide Post is such a colorful visual in my head (even if it is constructed of grey clay). It is an interesting thing to see something so vividly in my mind’s eye and not be able to translate it onto paper. All I’ve been able to put down over the last three years are just general sketches.

In the first carnation of this story, the masks could leave the spire if they wanted to, kind of ducking back into the interior of the pole; then they could zoom around the world by squeezing onto other Guide Posts throughout the rest of the land, spreading gossip and information. I haven’t completely written that off for the future. I especially like the idea of having some sort of foreign-mask-exchange program between the Posts: then you’d have Red, Fred, Zed, and… Frank? But we’ll shelve that for now.

I’ve been reading “On Writing” lately by Stephen King and I’m enjoying it a lot. Interestingly, I’m not a huge King fan. I tried to read The Stand in high school, but put it down after the first fifteen pages. And it wasn’t the size the pushed me away — I’ve read the Wheel of Time series, for crying out loud — I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try again some day. But I also have an aversion to subjects when they become really popular, even if the acclaim is warranted.

But “On Writing” is very casual and informative, and I like King’s writing style; it is casual, simplified, humble and down-to-earth for a guy who’s so successful. The whole first half is a biography, and it does a good job to humanize him. I’m about 3/4 through book, and I’m putting it down after my morning bus ride with a distinct feeling of approachability, both for the industry and writers in general. It’s all very encouraging.