Chapter Three: Too Many Faces

David walks on, looking for something that might resemble a destination. Waiting until chapter three to visually describe him could probably be seen as a questionable decision, since I could have technically given his physical appearance when he woke up in the grass. But this became the natural place for it because this is when he had time to sort of mentally regroup. David knew he was David upon waking, and with the quick arrival of the pig he wasn’t too worried about build and skin color. Hopefully, his introspection simply helps build some details.

Interestingly, although I wrote the story for my younger brother — who is of course also 15 — David looks nothing like him. They are both tall and lean, but different in every other respect. We Arnolds are a fair-skinned, blond-haired folk. My grandfather asked me in exasperation why I didn’t name the main character Seth or make them look alike. I made the story for him, not about him.

Plus, what if I ever wanted to write David in some sort of romantic setting? That question should answer all others.

Also, I love the Guide Post. It was like letting all the parts of my brain talk at one time…