Chapter Two: The Worse of Two

Ah, the Buffalo. This is one of my favorite chapters. You get more insight into what kind of person David is — “No offense” — and I love the imagery.

One thing that I have a problem with in my writing is description. My poor mom got a draft that was ridiculously detailed. I always want the reader to see exactly what I see, and something I’ve struggled with is letting some of the minute details go.

It’s important to trust your reader, and that was one of many things I learned on this one. Just because the Buffalo means something specific to me doesn’t mean I have to relay every miniscule fact to the reader. Hopefully you can feel his massive majesty without me going over him with a finely toothed descriptor comb.

I have noticed some rogue capitalization, which is unfortunate. The Buffalo becomes a Pronoun later, which I caught in some places and missed in others. I got three great books for Christmas regarding editing, and although I thought I’d just about proofed this manuscript to death, I suspect I’ll be doing a few more run throughs. I’ll re-upload the chapters when I feel they’re even more polished, but for now I’m leaving what’s there up and available. Nothing in the story will change, but how it’s told will hopefully continue to improve. So read on, read on.