Chapter One: This Isn’t Home

And thus, we begin our journey. David wakes up… somewhere, and immediately finds himself in danger of being skewered.

I intend to post a blog entry at least every Monday, in keeping with when the chapters update on the site. It may be pertinent to that specific chapter, it might not. Right now: let’s talk about the starting process.

The beginning is a tough thing. You’re setting the tone and feel for the whole shebang. I wanted to have some level of mystery in this without being unnecessarily aloof. The first ten pages of this project went through at least four different incarnations. In one he was in school, and we got an engaging view of his personality. In another he was having strange dreams, which was yet another interesting insight but somewhat ineffective at getting things rolling. In the third… well, that’s the beginning of the sequel, so I’m not telling.

So I took what advice I’ve read over and over again from writer’s books and blogs: start the story where the action begins. Drop them into crazy conflict right away, that’s what I say. There’s a Prologue, admittedly, because I still wanted to show the outer interaction; I wanted to show the ‘before’. But I tried to hit the ground running.

Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.