Moving Right Along

Along with many exciting (and aggressive) additions planned for the site, we’ve been making little improvements as the days go by. Chapter 1 updates on Monday, and that’s when the real story begins. Josh and I played crazies on Friday night, getting Chinese and Redbulls after work and digging our heels in until we fell over. Much of his progress is back-end and invisible to the naked eye but will make the site run more efficiently. We did get the link for the About page up, which is nice.

It is an interesting thing writing copy for a website… I am naturally long-winded in my writing, and I always end up doing a lot of cutting. Trimming a section like the ‘About’ was tough — there’s so much I want to share! But then again, I guess I also have a blog, so I guess I can do all the more in depth sharing here. Updates continue.