Phase II: 5 Days to Go

Josh and I started hardcore on the site today. It is interesting working with someone you are A) close to and B) in the same realm with career-wise. I do graphic design and he, among MANY other things, does web. I’ve spent much of today refining the look of what will eventually be the home page, along with the pages that branch off of that. Plus icons (yay, more icons) and the like. I also got a nice, shiny new external hard drive for my art and videos: 250G, yum!

Today was the only day ever that I’ve wished I had a bigger screen on my laptop. My-12 inch just doesn’t compare to the monstrosity I have at work, and I was all over photoshop today… *sigh*. or dual monitors would have also been cool.

More stuff later. I’ve been inside all day on the computer, and I’ve got a ballet class tonight. It’s like the last little sliver of Christmas! I’m getting a coffee on my way home — I’ll be burning the midnight oil tonight!