And Lo, It Arrives

The story is done for the moment, and the package arrived at my parent’s house yesterday. I haven’t talked to them yet, but I’m assuming they won’t open all until Christmas Day anyhow.

It feels good to be done with the story. I think there is one more plot point that I should probably make clearer, but for all intensive purposes — minus perhaps that three lines of dialogue — the thing is COMPLETE. I can’t tell you how good it feels. This is the fourth story/novel/manuscript-thing I’ve created, more than two years in the making, and the first that I will probably try to get published.

I’m just generally happy. I’m happy with the timing, with the stress level regarding the home stretch (it could have been worse, so much worse), I’m very happy with the artwork so far. The cover art in the previous post is even better than what I had in mind originally, so happiness there. I didn’t get to color Marley yet, but that will come.

PHASE II: Next steps involve the website. Planned launch for the site is Jan 1st, so that’ll take up a good portion of next week. Josh is building the back-end and I’m providing the copy, art and graphics. I’m off work all next week. So I get to spend the better part of a week doing artwork? …sounds like a vacation to me!

And the sequel? Oh, it’s coming. Every time I do one of these it takes me less and less time to jump into writing another… We’ll see if I can hold off until May this year to start up again. More later!