Zero Days to Go

Today’s the day. Wow, when it rains… it POURS. Aside from phase completion, I am 80% sure I have the plague. Also, misery is now spelled r-a-c-h-e-l.

I got home from work last night too late to take NyQuil (I never would have woken up for the alarm) and too late to take DayQuil (I never would have slept). The compromise I found was taking nothing and laying in bed until roughly midnight because I couldn’t breathe, then waking up in hourly increments thereafter. I woke up at 6 am, called it close enough to morning, and got out of bed. I’m like the dead walking today, but regardless:

I had 35 pages still up for editing when I got to work this morning, but had a full 1 1/2 hours before work and my lunch to finish that up. This round has actually gone super fast, with very minimal changes. Not bad. I printed, bound and slapped a cover on it at about 1:30 this afternoon… then piled it and several other presents into a box (my kingdom for a box!).

It’s all being FedEx’d as I type. I had planned for today because I figured the post office could do it, but I got scared they might not deliver it in time. It’ll cost me triple, but I feel 99% sure that it’ll be there by Saturday. I haven’t been working my tail off for two years for it to be late. I already moved the deadline once.

I can talk more about how I feel about this phase when my head is not a ballon and I don’t have a fever — they’ll be less mentions of purple elephants and general crazy that way.