3 Days and Counting

The good news is I’ve got the cover art done and ready to be photgraphed for Photoshopping/layout tomorrow before work. The bad news is that I still have a good 140 pages left in the manuscript to go over. I’m feeling okay with that, however, since I haven’t been making hardly any changes as I read along. It’s two different approaches to read for grammar/plot/character/flow vs. general enjoyment, and I’m finding myself slipping into the latter. There’s definitely a feeling of ‘geez, I feel like I’ve read this a million times’ (because I HAVE), but I think it’s a good sign to lapse into the entertainment aspect.

A holiday party on both Friday and Saturday night probably set me back page-wise, but what good are the holidays if you don’t spend them with the people you love? The bonus in all of this is that I’m getting sick. Again. As I type this out I’m actually sitting right beside a humidifier and sipping on orange spice tea. I’m sick of being sick — but the show must go on!