6 Days and Counting

I decided I’d probably mail this out on Tuesday now to assure it gets where it’s going by December 25. Mail won’t deliver this year on Christmas Eve (it being Sunday), so I’m shaving a day off. You know, just for fun.

Yesterday was something of a bust where SoD is concerned, but very helpful in terms of my other commitments. I got the homemade gifts a good 80% of the way finished. Once those are out of the way I can fully throw myself into truly polishing SoD. It’s procrastination to some degree, but at least it’s productive procrastination.

Josh informed me of bad news and good news on the manuscript front. My final editor was one of his co-workers, and Josh has been my main contact for him. I had hoped that the guy would have his copy back to me by Dec 1st… then Dec 10th… Now I’m hoping for Dec. 15th. If no, I’ll just proceed without him. I’m not upset about it at all, because I know sifting through 200-odd pages takes time (trust me, I know). Plus, I hear there was a Wii involved…

The good news is that he told Josh he wouldn’t have much creative criticism to give me because he’s enjoying the story too much to look at it objectively. I can live with that.

Onward and upward!