So one of my main subjects to draw (over and over and over again…) is the shape of a 15 year old boy. I’m not worrying much over what the boy looks like in the details, as most of the representations of David are done in silhouette. You’d think finding reference for a Random Boy would be easier since I’m just looking for the outer edge. This is SO not true. Silhouettes can very easily look cartoony if they are too simple, but traced and lumpy/unclear if they are too detailed.

Finding the reference has been a challenge — especially when googling for images of “shirtless boy”… at work, oh my — but I finally found a resource that may very well never run dry: Boy Bands.

It turns out every country, every language, every era has a species of boy band, and I intend to look at them ALL. I can’t use a majority of the images because the poses can be just RIDICULOUS, especially for my needs. But they are frequently in interesting, almost useable poses, and semi-frequently shirtless. So I’ve taken to sketching out PIECES of them and then frankenstein-ing them together to get what I want. A leg here, a different leg there, this guy’s hair, this guy’s arm… and voila, I’ve got something I can use.

Success! Next stop? the Tiger Beat archives…