I got into a serious art-groove on Saturday night and it was GLORIOUS. It was that zone where everything you are writing/painting/drawing comes out well. It’s like your run-of-the-mill motivation, except it seems to come with an extra oomph, a more vivid flavor with a dozen more ponies of horse-power helping drive it along. I used to be ‘on’ more regularly when I was in school, but five years of working from 9 to 5 has a way of sucking that passion out of you (”But it’s a school night! I couldn’t possibly!”).

It was great timing, seeing as how I’m trying to get some artwork done while my last editor takes SoD out for a spin. I got the… we’ll call it an “itch”… about 4 in the afternoon and after working feverishly until 8 went and got the biggest pumpkin spice latte that Starbucks would give me to prolong the effect. The whole thing meant I made a big step in completing the cover image, and I also took a chunk out of the website.

I’m hoping the long weekend coming up for Thanksgiving will allow me the time — if not the magical get-it-done power of last Saturday — to get some more good work in.