Website Meeting #4 (plus misc)

This meeting was really just to keep the ball rolling, since we didn’t actually have that much new information to discuss. My homework since our last meeting was to scour the internet for any features I would like to have on the site that we hadn’t already considered. The only additional options I could think of were emailing readers of new chapter releases (if they don’t want to subscribe to the RSS feed) and perhaps a “Tag This Chapter” option. Josh said the tagging would probably involve them logging in or some such thing, and I’m not really into that, but we might do an “Email Me Updates!” feature.

We’re down to the 2-month mark, though, so it’s time to start forging ahead beyond the sketch stage. That’ll start next week.

I’m still plugging away at chapter icons. I only have ten left, but they are getting hard. At least I’m not in a time crunch… yet. Outside of the icons, I’ve also been hardcore at work on “Marley”. I’ve yet to color him, but the line work is primarily finished. He was tough. If you can’t tell from the pic, he’s made of… well, just about EVERYTHING.

Drafts keep changing hands, which is good. I get another one this week. The plan is to hand off the next one (David 2.5, ha) by Nov 10 to be returned by Dec 10. That’s pretty tight, but here’s hoping it’s possible — I’m sure I’m going to need all two weeks in December to shine and polish it.

And amid it all, we’re planning Thanksgiving at our house this year. I am very excited, since I love to have a meal with friends, but that’s yet another thing on my plate (har, har) to juggle and try to keep organized. My solution for all? More pie!