A Request from a… Fan?

We went to see J’s dad and sister this weekend, and it turned out that his grandparents were also in from AZ so we got to visit with them also. Josh’s grandfather is one of only a few people that I’ve given my previous three stories to, and I haven’t talked to him since he read them. He’s very complimentary and supportive, and had some good advice for pursuing a publisher from a friend he used to have in the business.

The funny part was when he asked me if I was working on my ‘next book’ yet? I told him that I was, but that it was going to be completely different than the last three. That was followed by a very deep frown.

“Different? Like different how?” he asked.

“Well it’s not James and Mac anymore, for one thing. This one’s –”


“This one’s about a boy named David.”

“I don’t care about David! I care about James and Mac! They have to grow up! How are they going get back home? What about…”

This happened at dinner, if you can imagine, and Donn was feeling very strongly about certain points and I sounded like a complete idiot when the answers I gave to his very vocal questions involved responses like “The Mother Tree DID send them home, remember? They made plans to return for the wedding”, “No, but he’s not dead”, and “I promise James will get back to his bonded dragon.” He didn’t like the fact that I had intended the third one to be the final installment, oh no, he told me that he wanted more about James and Mac.

Donn likes dragons, and after Josh and I assured him that SoD also has a dragon in it (albeit very near the end), he seemed somewhat satisfied. He’s in his seventies, completely adorable, and one of the few people that has read and enjoyed my work, so you can imagine that I don’t want to disappoint him.

Hopefully SoD will satiate his need for another dragon tale… or maybe I’ll have to fish around my subconscious for another J&M story. That would be tough, since the last one took everything I had; but I guess you can’t improve without continuing to push yourself.

Regardless… one book at a time, eh?