The Task of Naming Chapters

SoD has 52 chapters. Each chapter will include an illustration. It will also have an accompanying title.

I have always felt there was an art to naming chapters. Some people don’t name them at all and instead stick to numbers. Numbering is appealing in many ways — especially when I’m up to trying to name chapter 19 or 20 — but I just can’t do it. Naming a chapter gives that little portion of a book its own identity, and I like the idea of that. So I insist on naming each one, even if I do so BADLY. Historically, I have always saved that part until the very last moment.

I’m waiting on a couple of my editors, so I figured I’d force myself to get that part done and out of the way. In my attempt to make it more fun, I decided to coincide the titles to metal songs to reflect a character that is ever-present (and at the same time never there. ooh.).

Once upon a time, they were going to be Metallica titles. They have a huge catalog and some very appropriate song names. But since I am not in the mood for being horribly, tragically sued, I need to make them up. I’ve already gone through half the thing and assigned names like “The White Nothing” and “The Reaper Rides at Midnight”.

Today, however, I looked up the discographies of some metal bands and discovered I can really just name each chapter whatever I want to. I was trying to make them dark and spooky when I don’t really have to. Aside from some titles focusing on the two things metal is apparently very interested in — depression and women — they don’t necessarily conform to any mold. So:

Dear Metal, my apologies in trying to pigeon-hole you. Sincerely, me.

So the next task will be going through SoD (again) and looking to see what chapter titles stay and go. I’m still going to keep some of the titles, but I’ll make others correspond more with the events of each chapter. And if I say they’re song titles from a fictional metal band’s discography…? Well, I’m the author. I can pretty much do whatever I want.