Last night I had to opportunity to sit down with Ann, one of my new editors. It was a new experience for the both of us, in that she’s never done any of my earlier stories and from what I understand has previously edited screenplays. It was different for me because since she has never done any of my other stories I didn’t know what to expect in the way of critique.

And that’s kind of scary.

Thankfully, my worries were unfounded: the whole critique was refreshing, encouraging, and very motivational. It was nice to discuss the plot with somebody that was reading it primarily for that purpose… instead of the customary grammar stuff. It was fun to talk about different parts and a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when she expressed feeling certain emotions at certain points. Plus it’s nice for someone else to get just as excited about the characters you created as you do…

She confirmed things I suspected that I really just needed someone to call me on, and asked some questions about things I hadn’t even considered. I made notes, and she’s reading through it again (!) to give me additional comments before Nov 1st. She gave me some really great things to think about.

All in all, I’d have to say this meeting alone was worth post-poning its release until Christmas.