Oh, Deadlines…

After some intense deliberation on the subject, it turns out the deadline for this project is going to be pushed back to Christmas.

It wasn’t an easy decision, since an October 19th deadline is what I’ve been pushing toward for over a year. But these things happen, and stuff pops up that I have no control over, so you’ve gotta make due.

The obvious negative is that I will be missing a deadline, which is more than a little disappointing. However, seeing as I’m the one that SET the deadline, I can get over it if the finished product will be better off.

There are some great positives that go with the delay, however. For one thing, the extra time gives me the opportunity to track down more volunteers for editing — and the bonus option of asking people to read with specific aspects in mind. Kelly is my grammar girl right now, and Josh is checking the plot… it would be great to have more people doing the same, and watching for flow and description and plot holes, etc.

The other cool part is the artwork to be included; namely, there being MORE OF IT. By October 19th, I was really only going to be able to do a cover, a random illustration, and the chapter icons. With three additional months, I can do more specific illustrations and possibly sprinkle them before/among their relevant chapters. The extra time also means the accompanying website can be constructed with a little more effort and care.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but hopefully the extended deadline will give this project the chance to fully bloom into something I can be proud of.