Website Meeting #2

Josh and I met again concerning the website. You’ll recall he hated all the last options that I did on the basis I was limiting myself to the design. So this time I did them at the most basic stage, in the form of rough penned thumbnails as opposed to computer mock-ups.

It was more fun and free this round, with me making something like 12 or 13 options, in varying forms of all-over-the-place. Some made room for content, while others were basically visual/design wank-offs. I just did whatever I felt like.

I guess it paid off. This time he went so far as to call them “brilliant”. Now I’m not stupid enough to think he’s not biased, but it’s a different cry than the last round, so I’m relatively pleased.

I’ve been working on the content on and off for a while, so the visual aspect will be the most challenging at this point anyhow. I know which one HE really likes, and it’s one of my top three also - however, I think I might flesh out my top three JUST BECAUSE, and see if any of them fit the story more than the others…

We’ll see what time permits. Countdown? 18 days, yikes!