Chapter Icons

The end product that I always work toward is a hand-bound (sort-of) book. The stories themselves have always been divided into chapters, and the words themselves are a challenge to create, delete, re-arrange, etc.

But no, I’ve got to make it harder on myself. A chapter icon accompanies each chapter. I don’t know what they’re called in real, hired-illustrator, Published Land, but I call them icons. Logo design is something I do for a living, so making the little symbols isn’t that tough — it’s making FIFTY-TWO of them that might eventually render me blind. Some take an hour, some take more or less. Get a calculator and count that up. UGH.

So far I’ve completed eleven. You better believe I’ve raided everything I can from the previous stories, too (aha!). Up to now my bounty lists as follows: A wagon wheel. NICE.

I’m going blind, please send help.