Website news

Josh and I met on Sunday regarding the website.

It’s kind of hard of to outline what you want when you don’t actually KNOW what it is you want. I’ve been formulating what could be possible in terms of content for months, so that helped, but I’m not very knowledgable in the realm of web possibilities. There was extensive discussion about ideas, goals, and organization. I walked away feeling confident. From this point we’ve got about four weeks to put together a site that we can both be proud of.

One big reason I feel so excited about it is that Josh (my fiance) is such an exceptional resource. He has a lot of knowledge in A LOT of areas, which opens interesting doors in all sorts of directions. He’s also a creative-type, and that brings its own unique perspective and problem-solving capabilities. He wore his business face the whole time (which I am not accustomed to experiencing) but that was actually very awesome: it makes me feel like I am in complete creative control of what’s going to develop.

We haven’t even gotten into the visual design of the site yet, which I am REALLY looking forward to. Our next meeting is on Thursday night. We’ll see how it goes.